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Sustainability comes in your glass


From the vineyard that is treated in an integral, almost maniacal way, without the use of any products harmful to the environment, to strictly hand-harvested, to vinification without additives: only nature does its job.


The temperature in the cellar is controlled to capture the best essence of perfumes, using solar panels for energy sustainability.

Each step is studied in detail: a crucial and indispensable condition  to reach the final consumer with a wine that lives and speaks.

The wine tells about itself in the glass, it tells its story and the care it has lovingly received to get to your table, meticulously capturing every moment of its life in its aromas, tastes and scents.

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Andrea Giacomelli

La Cavaliera - Morsasco

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In Piedmont, in the Upper Monferrato between Ovada and Acqui, hills still planted with vines embrace Morsasco.

Here the smile and the eyes of those who have only love for harmony, for the generosity of this wonderful land, for its scent, find the satisfaction in sharing these gifts with loved ones.

A wine is like this ...

“A dream with every sip
for a moment of infinity ...

- Andrea -



Do you want to celebrate a special event, an anniversary, your wedding, or that of your friends, a birth, communion, a graduation?

Make a Christmas gift, for Valentine's Day, for a birthday? In short, any occasion is good to leave your mark with your message on the bottle, perhaps in a gift box!

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