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The southern exposure of our vineyards and the low yield per hectare determine excellent results and  they raise the reds to the role of undoubted protagonists in the high level wine scene.

La Cavaliera

Monferrato Rosso DOC

It tells of a noblewoman, wife of a valiant Knight who fell in the war, who inherited from him the reins of all the possessions and the best vineyards in the Morsasco area. Her alacrity allowed the town to experience a moment of great splendor and opulence.


Il Principino

Ovada DOCG

Dolcetto d'Ovada in its proud expression:
beauty, harmony, bold and ambitious like his figure, full of grace and strength, invincible and daring like a prince.



Monferrato Rosso D.O.C

"Barbon", my ancestors were known by this nickname, probably for an ancestor with a very long beard. I like to think, however, it's  for the art in the vinification of Barbera, famous throughout the area. Hence the slash from "Barbera Buona" ( Good Barbera) to "Barbon".

07 barbon monferrato rosso.jpg


Red wine 

The midpoint where three vines intersect in a perfect balance - barbera, dolcetto, cabernet - mirroring and at the same time maintaining their own identity and characteristics.
A riot of scents that make this blend a virtuous giver of great emotions.

Bombo Dolcetto


Dolcetto d'Ovada DOC

Bon Bon : it sounds like a graceful remembrance of a time that was, of good, genuine things, of our grandparents who made every gesture, every caress simple, a sweet hug of greatness like a cup of sincere, frank, loving Bombonino.

Bombo Barbera


Barbera del Monferrato DOC

Bumbunen : there are many interpretations of this neologism coined several years ago. But the beauty lies precisely in this, everyone interprets what the heart suggests to him as to remember something, as to make his own a sweet thought echoed in a smile of wine.

Tuyot Barbera



Tuyot was the nickname of my grandfather John and to him
this barbera ca fressa (lively) is dedicated, just as he liked it.
The first Barbera to be born from young vineyards, it is bottled in the right period following the lunar calendar and 'woe to make mistakes' because otherwise it does not take the foam!

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