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"Martinotti" method sparkling wines: it was Federico Martinotti, who at the end of the nineteenth century, between Asti and Monferrato, invented this extraordinary method of sparkling wine, which today has become one of the most widespread.



Brut Sparkling Wine

Joyful as a court joker who with his cheerful unpredictability shakes our soul and heart with enthusiasm, he is the wine of the party, of the toast, of music, of exhilarating lightness.


Rosito Brut

Brut Sparkling Rosè wine

The pink color comes from the fusion between the charge of red, the color of passion, and white, the color of dreams,
and universally it has always represented sweetness, tenderness and delicacy. Not surprisingly, its name originates from my mother Rosita, her greatest admirer.

Rosito Brut
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