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The pomace used for the distillates sets each harvest at the time of harvest ...
because a grappa is like a photo, it captures the moment and keeps it for a long time, and the more this is dated the more it makes it precious and inestimable.


La Stria

Refined Grappa of Brachetto d'Acqui

Magical, intense, wise, not very young ...  

our grappa is really a Stria !

The stria is the witch in Piedmontese, the midwife, the curator that every country respected and feared at the same time ...



Barbera Grappa

"Barbon", my ancestors were known by this nickname, probably for an ancestor with a very long beard. I like to think, however, it's  for the art in the vinification of Barbera, famous throughout the area. Hence the slash from "Barbera Buona" ( Good Barbera) to "Barbon".

Barbon grappa
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