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A Wine is like this ...

A symphony of aromas, flavors, which only a great conductor and the orchestra itself will be able to enhance in its magnificence.

All known, these, that with time, passion, my training as a musician, I know and continue to experiment on my journey, in the noble art of winemaking, without leaving anything to chance: in 2013 I obtained the sommelier diploma .

A legacy that my grandfather Giovanni, aka "Tuyot", has wisely passed on to me.

In fact, he never stopped believing in the quality of his wine, in simplicity, and above all in the genuineness of emotions. Scrupulous, careful in proposing the best and meticulous in making you taste the fruit of his hard work.

These are the values that Morsasco, the enchanting town where I live and work, transmits every day:

the unmistakable sound of its bells, the glimpse of its vineyards, the view of the castle and its rolling hills, the fog that covers them like a sea in autumn, the starry sky in a midsummer night, the moon that illuminates the horizon, the fireflies and crickets that accompany this intoxicating atmosphere.

Yes, because a man from Morsasco cannot stay without seeing his bell tower for too long ...

He has to come back, always.

He has to sip his wine nectar.

Andrea Giacomelli, 10 October 2021

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